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Moonlight-shawdow's Galaxy Angel Tv Review

Galaxy Angel

Rated: 10

The story was amazing but it didn't follow along that well but the show was entertaing and I still loved it and like it say in the opening This Is A Kickass anime.>.<Also in the opening in case you don't know in the starting the character also juged the opening and I'll tell you for the heck of it
What The Character Had To Say

Ranpha thought:NO

Milfuelle thought:I Like it

Vanilla thought:.............

Normad thought:XXXXX(Xx5 stands for no)

Forte thought:You Can Do Better

Mint thought:It Was Ok.
Also in the very ending of the opening in japenese it tells you on the first chart What Everybody thinks of each other.
I don't know exactly what it says but Vanilla tinks of every one is NONE or no feeling in another way.

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